Enjoy Juicy Homegrown Watermelons This Summer!


watermelon gardenDo you love eating juicy watermelons on a hot summer day? If you have lot of space at your backyard, you can easily grow juicy watermelons at your home garden.

Watermelons specifically need hot days, warm nights and also lot of space to occupy.

Here are certain simple techniques that you can employ to grow hefty, juicy, delicious watermelons at your home garden.

Follow these simple guidelines to grow sweet juicy watermelons.


If you have decided to grow watermelon in your garden, look for good resistant varieties. This is the only way to avoid various infections, which are typically not curable.


Regular deep watering is particularly crucial during first 3 to 4 weeks, when the vines of the plant start growing. Once the plant begun to set fruit, cut back overwatering, as this can dilute the melon’s sugar and tastes less sweet.


Providing continuous and sufficient water is the best way to supply moisture to roots of the watermelon plant. In humid climates, providing water to the roots rather than soaking the leaves helps to prevent your plant from many foliar diseases.

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