Best Fruit Trees to Grow in a Small Garden

Best Fruit Trees To Grow In A Small Garden

Many people who have small garden areas limit themselves to incorporating only plants and flowers in their area and are vary of planning trees. But contrary to popular belief, trees work well even in smaller gardens and can definitely improve its look and utility by a large margin.  Infact planting fruit trees is a great idea for any garden, big or small as it surely saves a lot of money( by growing your own fruit) in this day and age of huge expenses.  So the following are some ideas for the best fruit trees to grow in a small garden:

Best Fruit Trees To Grow In A Small Garden

1. Citrus Trees– If you have a small garden then growing citrus trees in small containers is a great idea which not only saves you some space but also a lot of money that you will save on citrus foods like lime, lemon and tangerine.  But these trees grown in containers will need protection in the winter months.

2. Apple Trees– You can use the espalier method to grow apple trees in the smallest of garden space. Espalier is a technique through which one can guide fruit trees in such a way that they attach themselves to the walls present in your garden or your house.  Apple trees can be grown with method because its branches can be bent very easily.

3. Fig Trees– This is another fruit tree idea for any garden which is small in space. For growing fig trees too, espalier approach has to be used as branches of fig trees are also easy to maneuver.
Plum and pear trees-plum and pear trees are just one or two years in age and can also be incorporated or grown in a small garden shed.

4. Heirloom Trees-Another variety of fruit tree which works really well in a small garden area is heirloom trees. Some heirloom tree varieties include damson tree, quince tree, persimmon tree and loquat tree. Most of these trees need a lot of sunlight to grow well.

5. Cherry Trees– Growing cherry trees in your little garden are a great idea.  If pruned in a proper manner or method, these trees can be grown in containers as well and this is the reason why they are apt for a small garden.

So if you too have a small garden space, don’t worry about its low utility and go plant some of these trees!