Grow Strawberries In Your Backyard With Little Maintenance


strawberries gardenDon’t you just love eating strawberries? Strawberries are one of the top favorite fruits for most of the people.

Actually growing strawberries is not that difficult as you think, once if you know few vital tips in growing them.

Strawberries are one of those fruits that anyone can grow, whether you have a huge enough space dedicated to strawberry patch or a simple sunny porch or balcony.

Do you know strawberries are one of those ubiquitous fruits that are usually ridden with high levels of pesticide residue, even after washing thoroughly?

So, homegrown strawberries are always fresh, firm and also taste delicious. Follow these simple guidelines to grow strawberries in your garden.

  1. Plant strawberries in early spring as soon as the soil becomes feasible. Before planting, store these plants in cool location if necessary. Don’t forget to keep the roots moist, but not damp and keep them out of direct sunlight before planting.
  2. While planting, ensure that the crown is above the soil and the topmost roots are almost 1/4th inch beneath the soil level. Be sure that the soil has high organic matter and clear from weeds and grass.
  3. Strawberries need constant nutrition to maintain better fruit yields and feed your strawberry plants once in every month with blood and bone meal.
  4. Strawberries need fairly consistent water, but not in excess, this is the reason why a well-drained soil is important to grow strawberries.
  5. Strawberries have very few pest problems. But, once the plant show signs of infection, there is no way to control it. So, the best way to avoid it is to choose varieties that are certified as resistant to verticillium wilt.