Growing Climbing Strawberries in Your Garden


Luscious strawberries on tall plants waiting to be picked and popped straight into the waiting mouth.

This is not wishful thinking, with climbing strawberries it is a dream come true. No longer do you need lots of space to grow these red berries; all you need is 2 square feet of space for one plant loaded with the romantic fruit.

Growing Climbing StrawberriesThe climbing strawberry grows to a height of almost six feet. Easy to grow without too much hassle, it is the perfect plant for any garden.

All you need is pole or may be a trellis to help the plant and its runners grow and climb.

The strawberries start appearing in June and will grow right through till the frost hits.

And then all you need to do is to wait through the winter for the next June to come with the next load of strawberries year after year.

Runners grow rapidly and form rosettes at intervals. Soon these flower and voila! those tempting red fruits make an appearance immediately after.

The climbing strawberry is a perennial plant and with each year the runners and the new plants increase giving you more strawberries than you can eat in a season.

Don’t worry though there is plenty that you can do with any of the strawberry you can’t eat immediately. These home grown strawberries have a richer flavor when compared with the commercial berries available in the market.

First discovered in the 1950’s in Elmshorn Germany, they are known as the Rambling Cascade and can be easily grown in open grounds too. They can also be grown in matted rows inside your garden, even if there is not much space to spare.

The plant takes minimum space and can add to the beauty of your terrace or balcony if grown inside a roomy container. Bright red fruits contrasting against the green leaves look lovely and… yes… they taste great too.

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