Growing Loquats To Keep Your Garden Evergreen


Loquats, also known as Japanese plum, are an extremely easy tree to grow in your fruit garden.

An evergreen tree with sweet scented fall blooms, it bears fruits in late winter and early spring.

Best site to plant loquat plant:

Usually, a site with full sun shade and well-drained fertile soil [Soil Types] is the best place to plant loquats.

The soil should be slightly acidic because the tree cannot tolerate alkaline soils.

Before planting loquats, make sure that the place is free of weeds and grass and also very rich in water and nutrients.

Place enough soil on the roots to hold the tree upright. When you feel satisfied with the tree level, add the rest of the soil into the planting hole.

Caring Loquats

If you’ve placed a loquat tree in an area which receives strong winds, ensure you erect a windbreak to protect young loquat trees.

Particularly during the growing period, young loquat trees need enough water and nutrients to grow healthy and supple. Don’t forget to water young loquat trees regularly.

Apply organic mulch in a ring around the base of the tree. Keep mulch fresh and reapply regularly to keep the roots from drying out and also to prevent weed growth.

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