Know the Best Fruits to Grow Indoors

mulberry tree

Being a plant lover is the best hobby you can ever have. You can always fill your room with colorful plants that are not only organic, but also create a healthy environment to live in. But what happens when you get bored of planting only flowering plants or herbs? Simple, you shift to fruits. It is a dream like thought if someone says you that you can grow fruits in your room with very limited space. Well, fear not; here are few very delicious and healthy fruits that you can simply plant near your balcony or window and they will grow just fine.



Were you hoping for this? If yes, then congratulations, your wish came true. Strawberries are one of the most delicious and vibrant fruit you can ever grow in your apartment. It doesn’t require extensive watering so no fear of flooding your room.



Another famous fruit bearing plant that you can grow from the comfort of your apartment, Apricots like Shipley and Goldcot are some of the compact fruit varieties that gives you fruits in no time.

Fig Tree

fig tree

If you are thinking that figs require a large area to grow more vibrantly, you are mistaken. Figs bear fruit more heavily in a tight space like a large pot.

Mulberry Tree

mulberry tree

Indirect sunlight and a well ventilated pot with occasional watering are the only requirement for a mulberry tree. Imagine eating ripe mulberries early in the summer days from your very own tree , mouth watering indeed.



Surprise, again. Contrary to popular belief, pineapple can be grown widely in your own house. It’s probably one of the very few tropical plants that can be grown extensively in a pot.



Talk about ornamentally beautiful. The versatile vines creep down the pots and crop around on your wall like those prehistoric castles. And yet they give a very modernistic outlook to your home. Verona, much?



Imagine biting into fresh ripe watermelon with tasty juice spilling out from the sides of your mouth in those hot summer days. A beautiful mirage indeed. Why waste your money on ridiculously high market prices when you can simply grow them at your place in a container?



There are a lot of varieties of peaches that you can grow in the cool of your house. Starting from the dwarf varieties to the nectarine, everything is simply a pleasure to a fruit lover.

All in all, growing fruits is the next step to becoming a plant lover.