Raspberries – Scented And Delicious But Are They Easy To Grow?


Raspberries can be grown right in your garden kitchen. You can easily harvest a summer crop and an autumn crop of these delicious fruit. You need to follow different procedures for the raspberries in different seasons.

The autumn raspberries need new canes to produce fruit but there is no need to stake them. On the other hand, summer raspberries need staking but will fruit on the previous season’s cane.

For the autumn crop you will need to cut the plants right to the ground, so that there may be fresh canes for the new crop. The summer crop needs to be tied to fences or wires to keep them from flailing around.

Some of the popular and well producing raspberries are the Autumn Bliss and Tulameen. Both these varieties promise bumper crops and a great flavor. Growing raspberries is easy, low maintenance and turns out very inexpensive too.

It’s better to mail order your plants from specialist nurseries rather than buy them from a garden center. The former have a better rate of survival. Raspberries don’t need too much of water but at the same time they don’t like beds that are dried out. Give them a good soaking every week in the summers.

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