The Art Of Growing The Finest Strawberries In Your Garden


It has been noted hat there is a difference in strawberries that you have picked from the aisles of a supermarket and strawberries that you have grown yourself in your garden, the latter being the favorable one.

growing strawberryThere are basically two methods that you can use to grow strawberries in your backyard. You can use the traditional method of growing strawberries.

This method involves growing the strawberries as a perennial, which means that you plant the strawberries one year and then leave them to pick up as the years pass.

Alternatively to this traditional method, you can instead grow strawberries as an annual. This way you plant the strawberries one year and replace them every year.

The method you choose to use will depend on the variety of strawberries you’re going to plant. Basically there are three varieties, namely, the Everbearing, June Bearing and the Day Neutral.

The June bearing variety is traditionally grown and produces a single flush of flowers and many runners. The largest fruits are generally from June Bearing varieties.

The everbearing variety, as compared to the June Bearing does not produce many runners albeit produce 2-3 harvests of strawberries.

strawberryThe third variety, the Day Neutral produces strawberries throughout the whole season; however, it produces very few runners. The fruits of this variety are usually smaller than the other varieties although this variety and Everbearing thrive when space is limited.

There are many places where you can plant your strawberries. Some gardeners prefer to plant them in containers. This is ideal because you can hang these almost everywhere, like the porch or the verandah.

Alternatively you can plant this in a bed. Make sure you make a raised bed especially if you’re going with the perennial growing method. Like other plants in your garden, your strawberries need lots of sunshine during the day.

Make sure you have done some research beforehand about the requirements of your strawberries such as watering needs.

Strawberries need close to 2 inches of rain each week, if you live in climates that do not provide this make sure you are able to use a hose or other irrigation system from your strawberry beds.

When growing strawberries make sure that the soil is well drained as strawberries thrive in this kind of soil.

Another factor that is useful in growing strawberries is to prevent planting them where potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant have been grown before. These are just some of the factors to help you in your effort at growing strawberries.

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