Why Does Fruits Fall From Trees?

fruit fallWe see fruits fall all the time. That’s the tall tale about how gravity was discovered; however, what exactly causes fruit to fall? There are different reasons for fruit falling, having to do with the season, care and other reasons.

Some trees drop fruit when it is immature. The more fruit on a tree, the more the resources are strained so the tree weeds out the fruits that are not up to par.

It’s basically the survival of the fittest battle, in fruit. Ones of lower quality are let go of so that the superior fruits can partake of more of the trees’ resources.

Lack of water is another reason. If there has been no rain for a while or it is not consistent, that could also be a reason for fruit falling. Depending on the fruit, research and make sure that fruit has been getting enough water.

Another reason, particularly with apples, is possibly an infestation of maggots. So, it does not only affect the fruit that is falling, but the ones still on the tree are probably damaged as well.

There are a variety of reasons that fruit falls; however, the main reason is usually the first. For most trees, it is a natural process to ensure the best of the best can get the necessary food to survive. It’s natural and should not be tampered with.