15 Alluring Colors to Re-paint Your Garden

15 Alluring Colors to Re-paint Your Garden

The most spectacular feature of a garden is the blooming of new plants and flowers. Their fragrance and beauty mesmerize every heart. You can paint your garden with a variety of flowers. While choosing the colors keep in mind about the brightness, hue, and composition.While constructing a landscape garden, several features such as texture, shape, structure all need to be kept in mind. While some prefer an evergreen garden, there are others who wish for a paradise full of vibrant color flowers. So we have a list of few colors which you can use to re-design your landscape.

15 Alluring Colors to Re-paint Your Garden

1. Red

A vibrant red colored flower bed at the entrance of a home will be delightful for the viewers as it becomes vibrant on a sunny day. You can even paint the pots and sidewalk garden in red.

2. Orange

Orange is a vibrant color that gives the effect of a setting sun in the sky. You can plant orange daisies or add orange colored hanging pots, containers, and fences for your garden.

3. Yellow

A bed of colorful sunflowers will make the view more serene. You can add light and deep yellow shades to enhance the beauty of your garden.

4. Blue

Blue flowers can give your eyes a soothing and peaceful effect on your eyes even on gloomy days. A deep blue pot in your garden can intensify the look of the place.

5. Purple

A cool shade of purple can beautify the look of the garden. You can combine it with light and deep purple and place white as well. It will make your landscape look very peaceful.

6. Green

An evergreen garden is loved by many of us. A natural green shade can increase the beauty of your garden.

7. White

White is a neutral color that can be matched with any shade. When combined with red, blue or purple it creates a beauty of its own. But when only white color is completely used to decorate the garden, it creates its charm.

8. Black

You can paint the pebbles for your garden walkways in black or place black fences in between the flower beds. Even earthen pots painted in black will enhance the beauty of the flowers that are placed in it.

9. Brown

You can place natural brown pots, or create tree trunk style seats in your garden. It will give your garden a natural look.

10. Metallic

Shades of gold and copper can make your garden glow glittery. It will add an austere touch to your landscape and make it a living paradise.

11. Coral pink

It is soothing yet vibrant. You can add shades of pink and red and intensify the look of the garden.

12. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey is a dark color, but it can be used to add detailing to your garden. In between the vibrant bed of flowers, if you paint your garden chairs in charcoal color, it will make them more prominent.

13. Lime

Lime is neon color and can be paired with green. It will enhance the green plants even more and make it look lively.

14. Summer sky

Paint the floor of the fountain in summer sky or light blue light so as to give a reflection of the sky in the garden.

15. Silver

A shade of silver can bring out the serenity of the garden. It will enhance the appearance of the garden even more.