A Fountain is a Piece of Natural Rhythm 

fountain1Fountains are popular decorating materials for both outdoor and indoor areas constant over the centuries and present everywhere in the world.

The reason behind their popularity lies in the soothing sound of water flow and the peace and tranquility it spreads in the atmosphere.

Fountains come in myriads of shape, color, design, style and material of construction. The working of a fountain is solely dependent on a water pump, water source and electricity or battery for power supply in that pump.

The power supply activates the pump to pull in water and screens all debris from the water source.

The pump expels the steady flow of water through its outlet. Different nozzles can be used it the outlet to obtain high arc jets of water. One should practice caution during installing a fountain as situation becomes critical if water and power combine.

Latest trends in fountain are the use of table top, wall fountain for decorating the interior of a house. Designers are molding tabletop and wall fountains into simple water cascades or water flow.

This is believed that indoor fountains harmonize the interior, liberates one from negativity and relax the atmosphere. Glass and metals are replacing the traditional marble, stone, concrete materials of fountain body. They are affordable and come in smaller sizes easy to maintain inside a room.

The presence of fountains inside the house is the modern trend of interior decoration. Wall fountain and tabletop fountains are used for interiors. Traditional stone tabletop fountains mainly use marble of various color and inlaid tiles of marble or polished stone as material.

They are placed on contemporary tables or on a spacious shelf at the centre of a large hall or at the corners of a lobby from where it can access both water source and power.

Glass tabletop fountains are also quite popular. Apart from glass, mirror, river rock, slate, Italian copper are also incorporated on them. These are smaller in footprint and are known for the benefit of hydrating the shabby stressed and dry atmosphere of an office, hotel or lounge.

If you have ample space in the house and good budget go for wall fountain. You should allow a spacious portion of you wall for this fountain to get connected to the power and water supply through out the day.

Wall fountains suit better in garden-side walls. They come in upright or horizontal shape and different materials. Fiberglass wall fountains have become very popular for lightweight, affordable prices and maintenance ease.