A Wind Chime – The Perfect Way To Enhance The Aural Atmosphere Of Your Garden


If your garden is a visual delight, and wonderfully fragrant, there is no reason it cannot be a feast for yet another of the senses; the ears. The beautiful sounds produced by a Wind Chime may be just the thing to enhance the whole experience of a beautiful garden.

Traditionally wind chimes were used to scare away birds and evil spirits, now they are used mostly for the pleasure of listening to the sonorous sounds they produce.

They are a way to achieve balance and harmony when created in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. They are also supposed to bring good luck to the home.

They can be made from light metal tubes or bamboo tubes or other materials. They are suspended from a common support along with a clapper that causes the music to emerge when the breeze blows.

A wind chime can be suspended from any convenient bush of tree close to the home. It can also be hung from any appropriate place on the porch or patio.

It should be hung in a way that its movement is not impeded in any way. It should be placed in an area where there is enough movement of air to set the wind chimes ringing.