Add Entertainment To Your Life By Keeping Bird Feeder In Your Garden!


Bird feederYou can keep bird feeder in your garden if you like to invite birds into your garden.

Birds will not come into your garden when you arrange the bird feeder for the first time. It may take few weeks for the birds to recognize and discover it as a source of their food.

Bird feeders are the containers which are used to place some grains in it to attract the birds which are present in your surrounding areas.

Various types of feeders are available in the market which are made with plastic, wood, glass, etc or you can make bird feeder at your home itself.

Placement of the bird feeder is the most important aspect. You can place it on certain height or you can hang it to the tree, but try to place it in such a place where there are no too many bushes or trees.

That means try to place it in some spacious location so that you can enjoy the view of birds eating the food. If you place them between the bushes or trees, you may not be able to watch the clear view of birds, which are entering into your garden.

Placing the bird feeder is the best and surest way to attract the birds to come into your garden. Bird feeders give good look to your gardens, terrace and courtyards and it is easy to put up and easy to take care process.

Stationary bird feeders can be placed at some height such as on the top of the pole and the other type will be attached to the tree. Mostly try to place the feeders at certain height because squirrels can attack the food which is kept for the birds.

You can also use window bird feeders if you want the birds come close to your house. Most of the people place the bird feeders only during the winter time because the source of food for the birds will be less in winter.

So, if you want to arrange the feeder for your birds in your garden, then try to start it in winter because birds will have scarcity of food in that season and they will certainly search for the food in all sources.

There are three basic types of bird feeders available such as hopper, platform and tube. You must also consider the technical structures of the feeder because it will determine the quality and what kinds of seeds are needed for the birds in their daily meal.

This bird feeding will be entertaining, relaxing and uplifting process. You can enjoy a lot by feeding the birds and by observing the birds in your garden as a company for your beautiful flowers.