Candle Light For Statues In A Romantic Garden


Candle LightA garden is supposed to be earthy and by extension of that earthy, primal feel it can also be romantic.

There are things a person can do to raise the romance of a garden and that is by adding strategically placed statues with candles.

To light a path through the garden could be garden gnomes.

They have garden gnomes that have tea lanterns which are very lovely.

Further along the path perhaps resting atop a hard surface could be angel or cherub statues holding a lantern, lighting the way to a blanket on the grass for an evening picnic, or perhaps a cozy hammock for two. [garden décor]

It’s possible to even have a cozy padded bench or dining table outside that has the four points of it surrounded by beautifully crafted statues lighting the area and giving a romantic atmosphere. There are also beautiful roman statues that hold candles that can be just as charming.

While many statues now come in different colors the most romantic is still white especially in the dark of night.

Remember to choose statues that are romantic and personal; however, also be careful when dealing with fire as no one wants their romantic evening to go up in smoke.