Does Bird House Fascinates You? Find Out How To Build Them!


Bird HouseMany of us are interested in birds and want to keep birds at home garden with care. But most of them are not aware of the care to be taken for the birds.

Better participate in a seminar that will help you to know about the birds, bird house and feeding the birds.

Bird enthusiast will enjoy and know more about the birds by attending a seminar. You can also take care of birds as needed by having the entire knowledge about birds.

How to feed the Birds?

You should know that bird feeding should not be just a winter activity. Summer bird feeding gives even more enjoyment, because birds are in their breeding plumage, they are often accompanied by their youngsters, and there are species using feeders in summer that are not present in winter.

Necessity of a Bird house

You may be aware that more than two dozen North American birds will nest in bird houses. Blue birds prefer nest boxes on a tree stump or wooden fence post. Robins like to build their nest in the crotch of a tree.

If you don’t have an appropriate tree in your garden, you can offer a nesting platform. If you put a properly designed nest box in a wooded yard, at least one pair is sure to check it out.

Wrens don’t seem to be very picky about where they nest and will accept nest boxes quite close to your house.

Woodpeckers like flicker, downy and red bellied woodpecker are likely to use a bird house. Therefore, build a bird house that will be sufficient and full fills all the needs of the birds.

Complete guide to birdhouses

Before building bird house, it is must for you to know about how to make them, buy them and place them.

Once you have decided that perhaps you want a house for the bird, you have to choose whether you want to buy one or you want to build a house.

If you decide to try your hand at making a house for the bird, you should decide what size it should be and about the entrance, where it should be placed. For particular bird house plans better contact professional, in house keeping for birds.

If you want to buy house for the bird, you have to know about the stores that provide you a better house and you have to choose one that is well made as well as will be good for the birds.

Few things to remember when buying a bird house

You have to keep in mind that you should buy a house that will be suitable for birds. The house should have proper dimensions for the type of bird you want to nest in it because different types of birds have different requirements.

You have to check the houses for ventilation and drainage holes or slots. Check for easy access for nest inspection, monitoring and cleaning. Always be sure that the bird houses are made of non-toxic materials.

The roof should be extended out over the entrance hole several inches. Birds will be attracted only when their needs are fulfilled and they enjoy living longer in the bird houses in your garden.