Garden Planter To Beautify Your Pond!

garden planterGardening can be done in many ways. If you love plants, you probably know that the right planter can really showcase your plants and bring out their natural beauty.

It is also great way to bring the out doors in. By finding one great planter that goes with the inside of your home, plant your favorite plant in it.

It is truly a showcase and you can get wonderful selection of planters for your home. They can be used indoor, outdoor and even in ponds [Garden ponds].

A new water garden planter does twice the duty of beautifying and clarifying a pond.

The floating barley straw planter is made of a foam ring surrounded by barley straw, which create a center of attention for microbes that help to keep the water clear and free of algae.

It allows an ornamental plant to be floated on the water and protects the plant from fish nibbling at it.

Floating planter never needs watering

Floating island planters are the newest and greatest development for water gardens. You can use them because they are versatile and sturdy and best of all. They are even easy to set up and use.

There’s no need to water for this floating planter. You can just insert five pots of annuals, perennials or aquatic into the floating disc and bid bon voyage. Plants are suspended on the waters surface, creating a stunning floating display.

Roots are protected from damage, yet they can absorb dissolved nutrients from the water and helps to keep your pond clean.

You can prefer it because of low maintenance and can also create a beautiful floating flower display. Plant roots can absorb nutrients and help to clean the ponds.

Pond planting guidelines and helpful tips

To prevent dirt running out of the drainage holes, line the pots with 2 ply of newspaper. Good topsoil should be filled one half full on it. Potting mixes, peat or compost should not be used.

For the selected size of container, mix recommended amount of granulated fertilizer. After finishing the filling of top soil in the planter, soil should be wet thoroughly before planting. Whatever the plants you wish to plant, plant them. All the aquatic plants should be planted in center.

The planter should be lowered slowly to the recommended depth for each type of plant. Prop the container up with the bricks if the plants are too deep.

Plants like lilies and grasses must be planted in the pond itself after you have prepared and positioned the planter or they can also be planted individually and immediately placing in pond.

Pond plant care

Besides adding beauty to the pond, pond planters also provide welcome shade, which reduces algae growth and natural filtration which helps to clean the water.

You can use a dual purpose natural appearing predator barrier providing shelter for your aquatic planter, which is designed to hold a one gallon container for a water lily and up to 12 bunches of oxygenating plants.

You can use fertilizers for pond plants potted in planter with out promoting algae growth. Proper care will make your pond look excellent with floating planters.

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