Garden Stones To Decorate Your Home Garden!


garden stonesjust because you live in flat, townhouse or loft doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beauty and tranquility of having a flower garden.

Window box gardening has been common in Europe for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular.

In the beginning, gardening started as necessity. But, now it became as an entertainment. If you live in a flat or a small home, you too can have a window box garden and a small independent garden [Tips for a beginner to start home garden].

Garden stones improve the look of the gardening both in window box garden and a small independent garden [Tips for garden decoration].

If you have the hobby of gardening, then your main aim will be always to make an attractive garden, which will give pleasant look to you as well as for others.

You need not be a professional in gardening for maintaining a quality garden, little knowledge is enough.

Grow a garden in apartments

If you are interested to grow a garden in the apartment, then window box garden is the best way. This box ought to be at least a 100cm long but not more than a meter.

You should keep in mind that the box should not be larger because it will be difficult and too heavy to suspend and secure properly and it cannot be lifted easily.

The best material for window boxes is wood. You will be recommended cedar because it is good grade of white pine.

When you plant a window box garden, place crushed bricks, small stones or pebbles over the bottom to enable water to escape freely through the openings.

Garden stones with little weight can be used to decorate your window box garden. You can grow almost anything you want.

How to plan an independent home garden

Before starting your gardening work, you have to plan and arrange all the things necessary for gardening. The purpose of arranging all the things is to yield a result at the end, which will be both good looking and useful.

You can plan the schedule for garden as per your taste. Some people like more prescribed gardens, where the non indigenous plants are utilized in that area and even contains the features like fountains, seats, statues and garden stones.

Some of them like to give usual feel to the garden, where much native plants are utilized. Even the resources like garden rock stones and memorial stones are normally used in that area.

Different types of garden stones can be used depending upon the place and volume of the garden. Even stone garden fountain can also be used in the garden to have an attractive look.

How to arrange garden stones?

Garden stones are put down as a way to give character to your garden. A garden with stones shows that the owners take time to enhance the landscape of their yard. Once you have made or acquired a set of garden stones, you need to arrange them.

Place the stones down in a natural looking way. Garden stones that are uniform or make up a pattern can look cheesy.

Put the stones into groups. Point the garden stones in one direction, in order to appear authentic, the rocks should all be facing one direction; this is the natural way that rocks are found. You can place these stones even as stepping stones and these stepping garden stones can reduce amount of dirt and mud tracked into the house.

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