Garden Urn – A Garden Ornament That Adds Elegance To Your Garden Plants!


garden urnGarden ornaments make garden enliven with a beautiful and classic look.

With wide varieties of garden ornaments, including wall fountains, garden fountains, garden seats, garden statues, planters, gazebos, urns, obelisks, wellheads and summerhouses, one can design their garden as a mini paradise.

So, set garden ornaments as focal point for your garden to captivate everyone’s look.

The key to wonderful and spectacular garden lies in choosing and setting the right garden ornament.

Urns are a wonderful and artistic garden ornament to shape and decorate any garden environment.

Urns are a great addition to add elegance to the plants and flowers. One can use garden urns at the entry of a garden to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Garden urns stands as the most aesthetically precious freestanding unit when placed with properly harmonized garden ornaments. Urns create different environments in different areas for example urn in the seating areas adds a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Urns can definitely synchronize with any type of garden because of its huge varieties. These garden ornaments come in all sizes (small, medium, large), several materials including concrete, ceramic, terracotta, fiberglass, and in various styles and colors.

So, mix and match different urns with different sizes, colors, and materials and create a garden design that everyone loves to enjoy.

However, garden urns such as concrete and terracotta become very heavy when fully planted. So, ensure that the garden urn you are using have an adequate drainage facility.

It is always good to have proper planning for garden urns in your garden design. Always try to create a unique location for garden urns to enhance focal point.

Also, make sure of the wind exposure when setting a garden urn in the garden. In case, if your garden is vulnerable to wind exposure, it is good to make use of stone or terracotta urns, the most heavy of all urns.

Tips to select and set garden urns

As this garden ornament creates classic style to a garden, selecting the right garden urn and location is vital. Therefore, here are a few tips to choose and set a beautiful and elegant garden urn:

  • When selecting a garden urn, ensure that the urn is in right proportionate to the size of the garden. Ensure that the garden urn you select is facilitated with a proper drainage hole to allow water to pass away from the urn instead of stagnating in the urn.
  • Positioning a large garden urn in a little garden can spoil the look of your garden as well as the surrounding.
  • As the location of the garden urn impacts on the garden’s outlook, it is good to place the garden urns in those areas that provide more visual impact. For a pleasing and striking effect, it is best to use two big garden urns and place them on either sides of the garden entry.
  • To maintain the plants and flowers in the garden urn, proper cleaning and maintenance is more essential. A regular cleaning of garden urns keeps the plants away from pests and plant diseases.

So, make your garden even more beautiful and attractive with proper garden ornaments!