How To Design Your Own Garden Alleys?

The garden alleys are a recent trend that in the last five years swept over the dream and expectations of every respectable garden owner that ever thought of making a stand with his or her garden display.

We read all over the web and in the trendiest garden magazines about the designer ideas but nobody actually tell us which style is fitting for our garden.

So here are a few basic steps that will allow you to take the matter of pavement and garden alleys into your own hands and make yourself a work of art in garden display.

garden alleyThe designers recommend keeping certain proportions between the green areas whether these will have grass or flowers planted on them.

What you should know is that these proportions should be built around a few factors like the total surface of the garden, the way it is positioned in report to the cardinal points, the ideal routes for walking through the garden, the spots with special destination like a future table or bench and the utility relationship with the house.

Think about creating an initial drawing of the above before you rush away to buy the pavement. This will be kind of your own project and do not think for a second that you need studies or special gear to put it on a paper. Rely on your taste and your imagination and you will save not only time but expense and additional cost you would normally pay a landscape architect.

When doing the design consider the type of soil, the natural colors, the initial line of the ground and the way all of them will integrate your future pavement alleys.

Always keep in mind that the pavement alleys must not be set in the lowest areas of the garden where the water lingers after the rain. This will stain the pavement and damage its beauty.

The part of the garden you have decided to place your pavement on needs to be prepared according to the setting techniques the pavement brand you plan to use recommends.

Keep in mind that you must stick to those recommendations otherwise you will have the unpleasant surprise to see you pavement deteriorate very soon.

The pavement tiles come usually with a warranty certificate for resistance to walking and weather phenomena such as frost and defrost.

If on the contrary you plan to pave your garden with natural materials be sure to look carefully into their quality for they should be compact, have a smooth finish and be easy to handle and set up.

Decorate the paved alleys and make them lead towards and from the house and you will have an amazing story like garden.