Make Your Garden Unique Through Accessorizing


If you are thinking about your Mediterranean vacation let the fantasy take flight. An amphora vase on a garden alley will give the garden a warm and dreamy note of island air.

The scenery can be completed with curbstones painted in blue next to the immaculate white of a garden porch surrounded by bougainvillea and wisteria.

If you miss the grandma’s country house, putting inside the garden an old barrel or a carved tree trunk will bring sweet memories in your garden.

rustic gardenSuch wooden recipients are ideal for geraniums and asparagus. A rustic garden can hold wooden leaders, painted in live colors and put next to the walls. They can serve as support for honeysuckle or wild roses.

The little children will be glad to see a terrace transformed in a playing ground surrounded with plants. The terrace can be turned into a lawn created from herb mixtures decorated with ceramic garden dwarfs, small houses and stone animals which will make the children feel in a fantasy garden.

ceramic garden dwarfsIf you are a careful cook and have a bit of “green fingers” a vegetable plot is a good idea. Choose small vegetables fit for the garden space. Hot peppers are colorful and can be grown in an old barrow filled with good garden soil, next to baby carrots, parsley and a bush of marjoram.

Garden accessories don’t need to be expensive or created by a designer. Just use your imagination and miracles can happen.

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