Rock Garden – Landscaping Tips And Flower Choices

Rocks, pebbles and stones can be used in an economical and attractive manner to create a number of different effects in your garden – for instance you can use them to create borders for flower beds, to create interesting color contrasts in the garden and in non flowering seasons the rock arrangements can create their own decorative elements for your garden.

You can create different effects using different kinds of rocks – of a uniform or similar color, in graded sizes and rocks from different sources – from the beach or a river bed etc.

rock gardenRock placements can add definition to a garden, whether you create a pathway using gravel or paving stones, or whether you use them in a specific arrangement for a physical feature of the garden such as a small natural slope or hillock.

You can decide how much space you want to devote to a rockery, you can have it in one portion of the garden or several – you can have it at the entrance of the garden or decide to have it surrounding the patio for instance. For slopes or hillocks in a garden as well, rockeries work very well because these can be tricky to cultivate otherwise.

Rock arrangement can also be used to highlight other parts of the garden – you can create rock arrangement along the steps that lead into the house for instance or as a border or edging for a pond or small pool.

Once you decide where and for what purpose you want a rockery, you then may want to decide what sort of plants you want to team it with. You may of course have a rockery that is a feature in itself or you may want it work in tandem with pots and/or plants.

If you have a rockery that covers a slope or hillock kind of feature of the garden then the sort of plant that flows or a creeper may be best to use.

Creating an island of succulents among a rockery arrangement is another good idea and one that is practical and low maintenance as well. Also this is visually very appealing – the setting that includes rock arrangements and hardy succulents.

Using plants native to the area are also a good idea since they are ideally suited to the soil and weather. If this includes bright colors of seasonal flowers, so much the better because the rocks create a bright delicate contrast to the flowers and are visually most appealing.

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