Shade Sails Make A Unique Garden Design

garden designThe garden of the house is a vital part of the family same way as a lovely dining room is. Shade structures can add beauty to the garden only when they are suitable to this place.

Shade structures are available in many forms like umbrellas, patio over, awning or shade sail. It is very easy to choose a shade for your garden as they come with wide features.

Some shades are available in beautiful fabrics which can filter UV light, and some are available with small lamps which you can use after sunset. These shades may have retractable, wooden, aluminum and fabric structures.

If you are planning to choose shade sails for your garden, deck or patio, then it would be better to know a little more about them. Shade sails have flexible covering which help in providing complete protection from sun.

The covering of this shade is fixed with three or more points which form a ship’s sail like structure. When setting it up you would see that shade sail is a perfect choice for garden area as it offers a trendy look with its stylish structure and unique color patterns.

Usually the shade sails are tensioned by a pulling system or a turnbuckle made of stainless steel. If you want to use the shade sail on permanent basis, then turnbuckle is the best option but if it is for occasional use, the pulling system would be better as it hardly takes a minute or two to set up or take the shade sail down when it is not in use.

The sail shades are made from knitted fabric which allow appropriate air flow so that the area underneath them may stay cool.

You can find these shade sails in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can experiment with all these features and give a new and unique look to your garden.

You should know that shade sails have been into commercial use since 1970 in Australia where it was initially used for protection from UV rays. Later, these shades were used by Romans to provide shelter to the army during battles.

These days, the shade sails are popular in hot countries like Australia and South Africa where they are installed and used at various places including public areas and schools.

Since shade sails are a good option for protection against harmful UV rays, they are practically used in most of the hot countries.

So feel free to use shade sails to provide a stylish look to your garden at a very low cost.