The Attention Spots In Your Garden


Gardens are beautiful, earthy and give a person not only a feeling of being one with nature, but of being a part of nature and its seasonal cycle.

garden designsMany garden designs also focus on a kind of centerpiece, the main attraction that they want all eyes to fall on and there are methods to designing the garden to have a particular focal point.

The first thing a person must do is pick the location and object they want the focus of attention to be, whether it a carved bench, a statue, or water fountain and so on. Once chosen, they must organize their garden in such a manner as to emphasize this point.

water fountainFirst make sure the space that is the focus point is clear, because if there are too many flowers and plants all around it, it may detract from the object’s focus. A few strategically placed plants can be used beside it, but don’t go overboard.

It is best to have the object at the center of the garden, but it can also be off to one corner of the garden. This is where a nice path or walkway is handy, because it can have the most beautiful plants alongside it, tempting people to follow the path to the end and the end can be where the focus point is.

If in the center, the garden can be at four points surrounding the object, but not too close, so that it looks as though their reason for existing is to shelter the main focus.

There are a number of ways of designing a garden to emphasize a particular object, but first try sketching it on paper and see what works best.