The Importance Of Having Bird Houses Or Bird Feeders In Your Garden


If you think that having bird houses, bird baths or bird feeders in the garden are purely for decorative purposes then think again. There are many reasons why you should try and attract birds to your garden:

  • They keep the insect population under control in your garden. They can be something of a natural pesticide for your garden.
  • Smaller birds that drink nectar from the flowers are responsible for cross pollination in the garden, again very good for your garden.
  • Not just the feeder or bird house, the birds themselves are a beautiful sight as they come to feed from your bird feeder, or drink from or frolic in the bird bath. This can be lovely to look at and very educational for children.
  • As birds are attracted to your garden they will choose to build nests in the branches of your trees and kids can see firsthand, the cycle of nest building, egg laying, and bird babies learning to fly.
  • The sound of birds chirping can be soothing and uplifting to listen to, for many of us who like to rise early, bird song can be a natural alarm clock that does not jar and which tells us to rise and shine, naturally!