The Secret of Balancing a Garden Lies Inside the Fountain’s Whisper

fountain2Fountains are the beautiful artificial water bodies decorating gardens, lawns, outdoor areas and even indoor halls.

A multitude of shapes and a variety of construction material are used in fountains. They leave a charming effect in the atmosphere of the place.

The most widely used materials for making fountains are concrete, ceramics and stone. However, fiberglass for wall fountains and porcelain, wood and copper are also popular.  Sandstone also is preferred for sculpted fountains with curvature.

Some people prefer added sound effect to fill the place with serenity and peace. Stainless steel and brass are mainly used for indoor fountains.

Themes and styles bring more variety in fountains. Depending on positioning, the fountains are garden or lawn fountains, indoor and outdoor wall fountains, rooftop and tabletop fountains etc. and they are used for decorating houses, office and work places. Estate or commercial fountains are larger, and are highly durable for commercial purposes.

Popular themes of garden and outdoor fountains are religious statues, Greek god and goddesses, saints, angels, boy, animal figure etc. Asian, Japanese and other oriental themes are very traditional but suit any type of garden.

Japanese believe in applying “feng shui” strategy to place the fountains as their water bodies are symbols of charm, spirituality and serenity.

Which style will suit your home depends on the style of your house, budget, place where you want to install it etc. Traditional stone or porcelain, concrete fountains go well with conventional houses. Metals, glass, marble are the choice of contemporary decoration. Asian style fountains use stone, bamboo and suit Asian houses.

Modern designers love to experiment with bold colors and sharp blocks of patterns for inside or outside decors of a house. Granite and mosaic are the recent trends in fusion style houses.

Marbles as a fountain material has always been a good choice for confused customers. These fountains suit any type of outdoor and indoor area and come in various colors like pink, white, gray, black etc. The fountains may come in tiers and price increases with the number of tiers. However, large tiered fountains have higher cascade and suit open areas best. Marble fountains also come with latest trends and models for the buyer of international market.

Study in the international market shows that there is a hike in sell of fountains with animal, wildlife theme. Classic models of angel, cherub and Greek models are still sold well. The presence of fountain in modern landscaping imparts a wild and mystic feeling.

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