5 Tips to Make a Pet Friendly Garden

Vegetable gardens

When you are planning your garden or garden design, there are several things that you might want to consider and one of those things is whether or not your garden design is suitable for your pet.  Your pet must be comfortable in your garden and should feel easy enough to play, run and rest in this area of the house.  But to make your garden pet friendly, you need to keep certain things and points in mind.

Vegetable gardens


The following are 5 tips to make a pet friendly garden.


The first tip to make a garden pet friendly is to take care of its fencing.  Your garden needs a solid fence or approximately 4 feet of height and large gaps must be avoided in fencing.  Gap’s can be problematic in case of small pets like cats and hence you must cover them up with boards.

Paths and plants

It is important to have a solid path made in your garden so that the dog or cat knows which is the designated area to walk or to enter the garden. You can have a path made of gravel or stone because paths of any other material are likely to be disturbed by your pet. Another point to remember is to have larger sized plants in your garden so that you pet can be given enough shade and also because the little plants might be a chewing toy for your pet.


While designing a garden with a pet, make sure you do not leave bare soil lying around.  Bare soil is a perfect invitation for dogs and cats to dig and may disturb the appearance of the garden. Thus, plant perennials very close together to avoid any bare soil area.

Vegetable gardens

If your garden is a vegetable garden, then you will have to keep in mind that the seed bed should be left moist and straw mulch should be used to cover the soil lying in between vegetable rows. Moreover, create a permanent enclosure for vegetable or herb plants.

Mass planting

Another tip for having a pet friendly garden is to opt for mass planting or ornamental grasses as these can help to keep the pets on the narrow and the straight.  Grasses act like tough plants which are mostly likely strong enough not to be destroyed by your pet.