Top Low Cost Garden Decoration Ideas for Those on a Budget

low cost garden decoration ideas for those on a budget

If you are someone who is fond of gardening and even has a garden on the backyard of your house, then you must be aware of the costs that go into making a garden look like a dream.  Well, gardens are sure very relaxing and beautiful but it may take some of your monthly expenses to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful all through the year.

On top of it, decorating a garden can make a big hole in your pocket. Thus it is better to think smart and go for cheap garden decorating methods.  The following are the top low cost garden decoration ideas for those who are on a budget:

low cost garden decoration ideas for those on a budget

  • One of the cheapest or most low cost ways to decorate your garden and add that needed bling to it is by hanging colorful bulbs all around the garden. These bulbs can add color to your garden and may make it more welcoming for the guests and friends. Make sure you get seasonal bulbs only and then grow them yourself with proper watering and sun exposure.
  • Another low cost way to make your garden look beautiful is to add a homemade bird feeder at one corner. Make sure you create a colorful and attractive feeder as it can add the much needed point of interest and attraction to your garden.
  • If you are interested in creating a garden where you can relax and unwind then another low cost idea to decorate the garden is to add a wooden swing to it. Choose a shaded corner of the garden and hang a tree swing or wooden swing. You can create your own swing or buy one from the flea market where you can get it for a very reasonable price. A lot of people hang swings made out of ropes as well, which too can be cheap if you purchase a second hand one or get one from a flea market place.
  • If you have extra mirrors in the house, then you can add them to your garden to give it a touch of decoration and creativeness. The mirrors can make your garden appear bigger and also make the greenery seem doubled.
  • Hanging a few handmade lamps or paper lamps can also be a good way to decorate your garden. These lamps can be lit every evening to add more definition to your favorite space of the house.