6 Attractive Trellis Design Ideas

trellis design ideas

The trellis can just create magic not only in your garden, but your entire house. A trellis is basically an architectural structure which is made from a framework of interwoven pieces of wood or bamboo. Metals are also used to make the lattice. It is mainly used to give support to the climbing plants.

Making trellis of your own is not a very difficult process. You can easily create your designs by using wire mesh, lumber, bamboo, wooden poles, sticks and metals. Trellis helps to decorate your house and also saves space as it supports the plant to grow vertically.

trellis design ideas

Trellis Design Ideas 

Making trellis is not always an expensive procedure. With innovative ideas you can design your own trellis in an economical way:

1. Economical Trellis

The easiest and cheapest way of creating a trellis for your garden or for your living room is to get some wooden stakes and make a diamond frame by joining those wooden ends with nails. You can attach pencils to give support on the base of each. A spray painting of the wood can give that desired look of the trellis. You can use in some pot or attach it to the roof.

2. Backyard Cedar Trellis

If you have some cedar slab, you are ready to make a new trellis. Joining the slabs to make a frame and then fixing the wooden lattice makes good trellis.

3. Lattice Panels Trellis

The lattice panels can be highlighted with the faux columns and spice up the decoration of your room. The trellis climbing vine can act as a beautiful contrast to the climbing vines.

4. Detailed Trellis

This is comparatively large, covering a large expanse of wall. The climbing vines and blooms on the trellis is a perfect add on to the fence. It stands as a formal complement to the stately brick structure.

5. Bike Rim Trellis

By attaching two rims and then joining from the centre with a metal rod can give you the desired structure. After that with garden twine, you need to draw lines in the rims and the place the plants at the base of the wire to grow.

6. Simple Trellis

You always do not need to have a big trellis to give a beautiful look to your walls. Just two inserts, cut along the lattice panel and that too on a cedar frame can bring the desired look of a big trellis to the wall mount decor.

Add your innovation to the above ideas and create your unique designs to have an elegant and stylish look.