Upgrading Your Deck Is Easier than You Think


The deck is your private space outdoors and a little sprucing can go a long way in adding beauty to it. Upgrading your deck may not be as difficult or as expensive as you may think it to be. Simple but practical changes can make a lot of difference to your deck.

Let’s start with the very basic step by cleaning it. Give your deck a thorough cleaning. Get rid of all the dirt, grime and any unwanted stuff that you may have piled onto it. Mere cleaning will make it look better. Look for any damaged boards and replace them. Where required stain the boards to make your deck good.

Upgrading Your Deck

Now that we have a clean deck we can look around and decide what needs to be done to spruce it up. Start with a few well chosen planters placed strategically to add color and greenery to the deck.

Splashes of green and other colors will instantly add to the looks of the deck. If you would like to have a tree for shade, you can cut a hole in the deck planks to let a tree grow through it, to give you natural shade and a focal point.

Build some wooden seating around the deck to create more seating space for the times when you have company. If you have seats, people will sit, making the get together more comfortable and merrier. Built in benches are easy to build and will blend in with your deck too.

Add a gazebo or pergola to the deck, to create more space and also a shaded area on the deck. The gazebo adds to the space and also creates a separate space when so needed. They will add up to the aesthetic appeal of the deck too. Foliage and vines can be used to add a touch of class to these new additions.

You can also add a wooden arbor to create a screen for your deck and to give you more privacy. Trail vines on it to make it look more beautiful and increase the privacy effect.

If you want a more radical change, you can change the wood flooring of the deck, especially if the current flooring is worn with use. You can replace the existing floor with pressure treated wooden flooring. Stain the floor with a new color to give yourself a new deck for a fraction of the cost it would take to build a completely new one.

If you feel the deck is a little narrow and you have the space for it, expand your deck to create more space for you and your visitors. Provided there is enough space the deck may even be tripled to become more accommodating.

If you love entertaining outdoors you can contemplate building an outdoor kitchen on your deck. You may use it for your regular cooking or only when you entertain, depending on your lifestyle. Outdoor kitchen adds a rustic appeal to the deck and also makes your parties more interesting.

Simple changes to your deck can give it a much wanted facelift within your budget.