Use Plant Stands To Display Your Plants In A Unique Way!


plant standsGardening will be interesting, if you feel that your garden is beautiful and admirable.

To make your garden beautiful, you have to decorate your garden with several statues, fountains, benches, decorative pieces and plant stands.

Use beautiful plant stand and make your garden and its environment more impressive.

These stands are highly collectible and will last for many more decades. You can select these stands just from home through internet and email the order.

The gembol furniture pieces are all individually handmade and handcrafted one of kind pieces.

These gembol is an ancient tree in the forest of Indonesia and very excellent stands can be made from that tree.

If you are looking for the perfect way to finish a room, consider the addition of plant stands. You can get the stand available in many designs from antique looking wooden bases to contemporary glass and metal designs. Live flowers and plants can bring a refreshing ambiance to any setting. This is the best way to express your style and creativity.

Choosing the right plant stand

Choosing the right plant stand for your foliage will enhance the beauty of your plants and your home. A beautiful plant adds a touch of life and vitality to any home decor.

With the wide variety of choices available today, choosing the right stand will create a plant-scape that will wow visitors not just with your greenery but with your stand pedestals as well.

Selecting the correct plant type is also must and choosing right stand color is also important. The main thing to keep in mind while selecting a stand is stability of the stand.

If the plant you intend to display is heavy or large, be sure to get a stand sturdy enough to the plants weight and suitable for the type of flooring you have.

Outdoor plant stands

Outdoor plant stands are handy additions to create illusion of height to pot plants. They can serve as functional areas to congregate all your related plants like your herbs for ease of gathering.

Outdoor stands also give you added ground space for more flower pots, a real bonus for tight spots like courtyards. You can also use these outdoor stands for indoor display also.

Building your own plant stands

If you want to display your plants in a unique way, create your own plant stands. If you construct the stands at home, it will be less expensive than purchasing the stands from the store. Making stands at home will be more fun and exciting.

Make the plant stands in a simple or in a decorative way as you like. You can simply turn terracota clay pot upside down and use as a plant stand. Experiment with stacking different size pots until you get your desired height.

Now, decorate the pot with painting, stenciling or even beading them. Once you finish new plant stand decoration, be sure to seal the pots with a clear acrylic sealer.

Kits are available at many home improvement stores which provide all the instructions and materials necessary for building plant stands. You can use all your imaginations to improve the look of your home garden.