Your Guide To Garden Gnomes


The little fantasy figure of the nether regions, the gnome is a friendly and familiar fixture of a number of gardens not only because his cheery visage and earthy getup are a visual delight but also because of the age old belief that the little fellow (or fellows) protects the garden and helps to grow plants.

Known for their mischievous ways that ultimately help those in need, these creatures of fairy have become a permanent fixture in numberless homes and gardens.

A garden gnome can even perform another function in your garden; he can bid visitors welcome with his apple cheeked grin and friendly face.

Traditionally garden gnomes sport a distinctive pointy red hat, and are dressed in the greens, browns and khaki colors that are the colors of the earth and plants.

Vintage garden gnomes have pride of place in many gardens and could be fairly expensive to acquire. However, there are a number of cheaper modern alternatives to these as well.

Many can be found online at Ebay and Amazon where you can browse different kinds of garden gnomes before you choose what to buy.

You can have just one impish gnome in your garden as a kind of mascot or you can have several to add some whimsical and attractive touches to your garden.

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