How to Create a Backyard Garden Design?


A backyard is a very important part of a home and in the moment when you think about backyard garden design, you should to consider functionality and also aesthetics.

Theme of the design for the backyard

Before you do anything with the yard, you should decide on a theme. According to this theme you will choose the plants and the landscape items. Most probably you will have separate areas and it is the theme that will tie them together. The most popular themes of the design of the backyard include native, formal and tropical. On the other hand the theme could also be a certain mood, such as playful and energetic, contemplative and quiet or even whimsical.

Backyard Garden Design

Which are the areas?

In order to identify the different areas of the garden, you need to walk through it. You should take notes of the areas, like the measurements, and backyard garden design will also require you to know the sun hours of the areas.

Make a sketch

It is easier to design the backyard if you make a sketch of it, including the fixed fixtures. Make sure that the sketch has the right measures and also that it is correct in scale. Graph paper could really help you with your work, but if you like technology, backyard garden design can also be done with the help of special software.

The plants

The next step is to select those plants that you will include in your design. The first plants that you should place are the tallest. Then move on to the smaller plats, pathways, border plants, and in the end add the seasonal color spots.

There are some basic principles that you must keep in mind when designing the backyard. These principles include unity, balance, simplicity, natural transition, color, proportion, line and repetition. The plants that you choose should be suitable for the given theme and also for the conditions offered by the backyard.

If you need some help you could visit a local nursery and talk to the gardeners there or consult a regional preference book.

The lights

Lights have a very important role to play in the backyard garden design. There are many different possibilities that you can choose from, including step lights, flood lights, pathway lights, lights mounted on the building, and also lighting mounted on poles.

When thinking about designing the backyard it is very advantageous to use a software because they show not only the plants and the other items that are going to be in the yard, but also the path of the light in case of different lights.


One of the most important things to remember is to be bold. You should get all the items that normally you wouldn’t. According to professionals in case you are bold, you may go wrong, but if you are hesitant and cautious, for sure you will go wrong.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make regarding backyard garden design is to make flower beds that are too narrow.

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