Build a Cottage Garden


Who wants rules when you can simply avoid them? Naturally, this works only in certain cases, for example in the case of gardens.

When gardening, there are numerous styles to choose from. In case you don’t mind obeying all the rules, you could choose a formal garden, but in case you would rather explore, you might go for the cottage-style garden.

Cottage GardenIn this case you will achieve a relaxed and colorful look, and most probably you will have more fun caring for the garden.

This style is freer from rules, and the gardeners could do what they really love.

When starting a cottage garden, you might want to keep it small at the beginning. You might increase the size as you gain more experience and you will realize what you have to do.

You shouldn’t do something big that in the end you won’t be able to upkeep.

One of the first investments that you will have to make is regarding the soil. It is advisable to make a soil test before starting to know what type you are dealing with. Also don’t forget about fertilization right from the beginning.

This way you will have less work with the plants later and also less work with watering. Don’t forget to add organic fertilizer on a yearly basis. You could purchase it or create it on your own.

You could save yourself some extra work if you position the right plants in the right place. In case you would like to have healthy plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance, this is the key.

There are some flowers that are almost bullet proof. This means that there is almost no way you could go wrong with them. In case you would like to see flowers, choose from purple coneflower, wild indigo, ‘Stella d’Oro’ or ‘Happy Returns’, New England aster or Russian sage.

On the other hand, if you would rather focus on foliage, then the right choice might include lady’s mantle, blue fescue or lamb’s ears.

Roses represent another popular choice, but in case you don’t really have experience with them, you should avoid the high maintenance ones. Instead you should consider Meidiland landscape roses, ‘Blaze’ or ‘Betty Prior’.

Cut back on watering and dealing with weeds by opting for mulching. This way you will be able to keep the moisture in the soil and the weeds won’t be able to grow. Choose the organic mulch, and as it breaks down, it will improve the quality of the soil. The mulch could also improve the look of the garden, making it look neater.

One last suggestion might be to make the entire process more automatic. For example you could water the plants with the help of a hose. This way you can be sure that the water will get exactly where you want it, and there will be less water evaporating in the air.

You could add some rocks to the garden to offer a unique look, and you might also use some accessories to spice up the entire sight.

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