Minimalist vs. Symmetric in the Contemporary Garden Design


Buying a new house with garden doesn’t only mean that you will have to get a new paint job for the house, but also that you will have to look for ideas regarding contemporary garden design.

According to professional designers the contemporary style is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, balance and symmetrical features. There are a lot of elements that are formal and the design of a contemporary garden is the most suitable for modern homes and town homes. If you have a historic home or you are living in the rural region, the style is a lot more difficult to pull off.

Contemporary Garden Design

How to achieve the design of a contemporary garden?

There are some major trends that influence this design, and these include minimalism, industrial chic, urban style and imaginative and conceptual gardens. The truth about this style is that the main focus is on the structure, hard landscaping and design and the plants have less and less importance. Don’t get it wrong: the plants are also important from a certain point of view, but they must have a certain look for the contemporary garden design.


When it comes to design, there are some golden rules of the contemporary style that you have to keep in mind. The garden must have straight lines, balance, symmetry and also repeated forms and shapes. It is also important to keep everything simple (going minimal). To achieve the design of a contemporary garden you will need a framework for it.

Hard landscaping

If you want a true urban garden, this may be the most important feature. You don’t need anything that looks traditional, rustic or cottage. When you are looking for materials, there are some things that you need: smooth textures and also clean lines. Where can you find these? Consider polished stone, concrete, slate, painted or natural wood, plastic, metal, glass, gravel and also decking.

When thinking about contemporary garden design, you don’t have to stick to the traditional materials. You can use anything that represents out of the box thinking.

Color is also a very important feature of the design of a contemporary garden. Go for the unusual colors and use big blocks of them to define the garden theme. There are some colors that seem to be more than popular in this case, such as white, black, gray and just any bright color.

It is also a good idea for contemporary garden design to make a connection between the garden and the indoors. There are some methods to achieve this, including using the same decking that you used for the flooring in the indoors, or use floor tiles of similar colors.

Planting for the design of a contemporary garden

The interesting thing about this design is that it uses far less plants than the other styles, but there is need for more attention when doing the planting. In case of contemporary garden design there are less plants, less species, less colors, and usually people are using evergreen plants. If your garden has pest control issues, Terminix can help.