5 Most Famous Gardeners Across the World you Should Know

Five most famous gardeners across the world you should know

Who says that gardeners can never become big celebrities? Let me tell you that there are many gardeners across the world that are known in public life as famously as any pop idol.The preceding paragraph must have conditioned your curiosity, and you may want to know about such gardeners, as a result—well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have shortlisted a few famous people who are amazing gardeners.

Five most famous gardeners across the world you should know

So, without further ado, here are five such personalities you should know about.

  1. Lancelot “Capability” Brown

Famously known as Capability Brown, Lancelot Brown was a prominent English landscape architect. His gardening skills were so great that, apart from being crowned as among the last of the great English 18th century artists, he is remembered as the greatest gardener England has ever had.

Lancelot Brown has designed about 170 parks, many of which still survive. His contributions are monumental—such that his predecessors such as William Kent and Charles Bridgeman often get overshadowed.

  1. Kim Wilde

If there could be a perfect example of a modern-day gardener, then it has to be Kim Wilde.

Kim Wilde is a well-established English pop singer, DJ, television presenter and an author. She made her debut with a single titled “Kids in America” in the music industry in 1981 that went on to grab the number two place in the UK chart.

We often disparage gardeners as without any significant talents, but Kim Wilde is a living example that gardeners are as talented as any other person. If you ever feel dissatisfied with gardeners, you should read about her or may be listen to her hit song “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”—you might change your mind.

  1. Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr.

An architect by profession, Fredrick Law Omsted Jr. was more than just about blueprints and ideas of infrastructure. This American gentleman was known for its steadfast resolute to conserve wildlife and commitment towards the preservation of national parks.

Many notable projects are attributed to him such as those in Acadia, Yosemite National Park, and the Everglades. His contributions are unquestionable and have been honored in the form of the Olmsted Point and Olmsted Island in Yosemite and Great Falls of the Potomac River respectively.

Olmsted’s wealth of gardening knowledge is reflected in his several conservation efforts, and thus, we gave him a special place in our list.

  1. Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton is an apotheosis of beauty with brains. She was a highly accomplished lady with a Pulitzer Prize and multiple Noble Prize nominations in her baggage of achievements.

We know it may be difficult to accept that such a cultivated and literature enthusiast could ever be a gardener—but she was.

  1. Alan Titchmarsh

Making his debut at no. 5, Alan Titchmarsh is no less than anyone mentioned in the list. He is a dedicated English gardener, novelist, and broadcaster. He has been a gardening journalist and a professional gardener for many years, and he eventually established himself as a famous media personality through his regular appearances on gardening programs.

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