How to Have Functional Small Garden Design Ideas


You don’t really need acres of garden to create something nice and luxurious. All you need are some small garden design ideas. Also you don’t have to believe that you must make a big investment to achieve a relaxing space.

Garden path

Having a garden path is one of the ideas for small garden that any owner can use and there are ways to make an inexpensive project of it. One of the materials that you could be using is mulch. It is a lot more functional than you might think. It is good because it retains the moisture of the soil in the dry season. Also it is a decorative idea for small garden because it contrasts the bright colors of the flowers.

Small Garden Design IdeasAll you need to do is to clear a path that is one foot wide and add a few inches of mulch and smooth the surface. In every season lay down a new layer to maintain the path.

Another good idea is not to have the path in a straight line, but add curves to make the garden look larger than it is in reality.


Let’s face it: the majority of the small garden design ideas involve expenses, but there are some ways to reduce these costs. One of them is to plant the flowers in containers. These add some extra color to the garden and they need more space, so you won’t need that many plants. Also they need less soil to allow the plants to grow, not to mention that there is need for less water than if you plant the flowers in the garden.

As an idea for small gardens, you could get perennials, that offer their blooms every year, and so you won’t have to buy new flowers every season.


This is one of the small garden design ideas that would allow you to also grow vegetables in your garden and that need little space, like tomatoes. Also if you have a trellis you can grow flower vines and you can hide unaesthetic features like a fence or a wall. If you would like to add some colors to the garden, plant climbing jasmine or hydrangea that offer color and also scent throughout the entire season.

Focal point

Regarding ideas for small garden, a lot of professionals say that you can do something big in a small space if you add a focal point to the garden. This could be a larger plant, a decorative element or anything that you can think of.

Go natural

If you are looking for small garden design ideas, you should consider adding some natural elements, like stone. Also you could consider getting a small pond and some ornamental plants.

The majority of the ideas for small garden include the fact that you have to use every inch that you have, and everything that you add to the garden should have a well-defined purpose.

There are some other small garden design ideas that you should know as well.

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