Garden Designs and Ideas for Small Gardens


Usually in case you take a look at books regarding garden designs and ideas the majority of the ideas are given for larger gardens. Nonetheless most people don’t have acres to work with, so they need ideas for smaller gardens.

The advantage of a small garden is that the owner can pay more attention to the details and he or she has time to take care of the garden and also to enjoy it. Most of the designs and ideas for small gardens are centered around entertainment and sitting areas, not around the plants.

Garden Designs and IdeasAs a whole

In case you have a small garden, you should think of it as a whole. It may be divided into different sections, but still it can be considered a composition.

It’s all about the choices

The ideas and designs for small gardens are all about making the right choices. Most probably you won’t be able to have all the plants that you like. This means that you should buy a plant only in case you are sure that you will find a place for it.


The garden designs and ideas for large gardens include a lot of colors and textures, but in case of smaller spaces, less is more. If you opt for the cooler colors, the garden will appear to be larger than it is in reality. Nonetheless even in case you have a limited number of colors, you can add variety through the different textures.

Good use of space

Every element of the ideas and designs for small gardens needs to have a well-defined purpose. Since you have little space, you don’t have the luxury to waste it. This is why it is a good idea to choose those plants that last for at least two seasons.

Small island garden

If you are looking for garden designs and ideas, think about something that is easy to create. The design that we are referring to has been created to fill an empty space between tall trees. Nonetheless it has become the main focus of the yard. The border of the garden is made of natural stone blocks. In order to create a weed barrier for this small garden idea and design, the first block has been placed a few inches in the ground.

Also the selection of the plants is kept simple, using Hosta, Coleus, Caladium and ferns. The focal point could become a dwarf evergreen and some Japanese Yew.

Entry patio garden designs and ideas

The main point of the design is to create a space where the owners can spend some time in peace. If you are faced with small space, you could add some curves to make the place look larger. In this case the ideas and designs for the small garden included several areas, connected by Blue Salvia. In order to enhance the effect of the purple, there are also some yellow groups.

There are many different garden designs and ideas for small gardens if you just get creative.