Top Garden Designs for Small Gardens


If you are thinking about garden designs for small gardens you shouldn’t think that you will have less work to do. There are some special rules in case of small spaces and the advantage is that you can focus more on the details.

One important thing that you should keep in mind regarding small garden designs is that the straight lines, paths and so on make the garden easier to be seen as a whole, but if you add curved lines, you will create the illusion that it is larger.

Garden Designs for Small GardensPlants

When considering small garden designs you should give a really good thought to the plants you are going to have. You have to use the textures, colors, shapes and sizes to make the garden look larger.

Regarding small garden designs it might be a good idea to choose one or two colors and use only them, or to choose one color and use different shades. For example you could have all the shades between pink and crimson.

Proportions are also important in small spaces. It isn’t true that you must use only small plants in small gardens. If you would like to use a lot of plants, it may be difficult to achieve the effect that you are looking for. When thinking about garden designs for small gardens you should know that repetition is very important.

Have several ones of the same species because if you have too many kinds of plants, the look of the garden will become overwhelming. As an example, in case you would like to have three trees, have all of them of the same kind, and this also applies to flowers.

In case of small garden designs you have the possibility to add depth to the look with the help of colors. You can achieve this through planting the darker colored plants in the front, and the ones with the lighter color in the back. Another thing to remember is to plant the smaller plants in the front so that they won’t be overshadowed by the taller ones.


Curves have been mentioned before, and these are some of the most important elements of garden designs for small gardens. You don’t have to be thinking about something complicated. It is enough to have a curvy brick pathway to make the garden more interesting and to create the illusion of extended space.

Another one of the great small garden designs is to divide the garden into smaller rooms. This also will make the garden look bigger than it is in reality. As an example for doing this, you can create several levels. You can add raised beds or a sitting area that is higher than the rest of the garden.

Other garden designs for small gardens include the use of gazebos, arbors, bridges and also trellises to separate the area. Such items also add some mystery to the garden.

As you can see, there are numerous different garden designs for small gardens that you could use too.