Guidebook on How to Create a Zen Garden

guidebook on how to create a zen garden

When you decorate your house; the design usually comes from various inspirations; similarly while planning out gardens you will come across different types. Stone gardens, contemporary gardens, Zen gardens, modern gardens are just some of the types. You must be thinking that merely some plants and blossoms can make a garden; but if you wish to make it a space envious for others try and incorporate more features and styles to your garden.

If you are looking for a visually appealing, neat and clean garden at a restricted budget – Zen garden would surely be your choice. Zen gardens have evolved from the Buddhist theories; the word “Zen” describes Zen Buddhism, and thus it denotes anything that is calm and centering.

Many people opt for Zen gardens for meditation purposes. Zen gardens are everything about sand, moss and adding a calming aspect to your backyard. Here are useful 10 tips to create a Zen garden –

guidebook on how to create a zen gardenConsider the Size of the Garden

Firstly look into the size of the garden, if you will use the entire yard for the garden or create a small section of Zen garden at the corner. Zen gardens are more popular as gardens made in working spaces in a small structure; however you can easily create in your backyard as well.

Use Mold for Sand

Zen gardens are usually made on dry landscapes; thus abundance of sand is needed to mold. Decide the size of your garden and accordingly gather the mold. Use wood panels to create the mold of the sand, in that way the mold and sand will not go scattered.

Rake the Sand

Raked sands is the prime feature of any Zen garden. You will have to create curving strokes on the sand that looks like water ripples. You can use your creativity to create these ripples and also make some images – geometric or otherwise. The raking should be done in three to four inches deep, which will create the optimum effect. The greatest advantage of raking in Zen dry landscape is that you can change the pattern anytime you want and it will not cost you anything.

Stone and Pebbles

Zen gardens essentially have stones and pebbles as its decorative feature. The arrangement of the stones and pebbles should be as per the other items in the garden and the plants – it should not look scattered and clumsy. Submerge the large pieces deep into the sand – avoid too many as that can bring a cluttered look. You can also create a pathway using the stones and pebbles.

Incorporate Zen Features

Zen features are essentially seen in a Zen garden. The items include anything that is visually appealing and has a peaceful touch associated. It can be a stone statue, lamp, a painted backdrop wall, rock boulders along a side etc. The organizing part is quite an art and you have to make sure that it does not make the space look crowded. Keep the spacing right and harmonious.

Plants and Pathways

Choosing the right plant for a specific garden is a daunting task especially if you a following a theme garden. Any plants just don’t fit in any kind of garden. The bright yellow flowers and blooms provide yang energy, while the dark green plants mean yin energy. Predominantly, Zen gardens have more of stones and pebbles, but you can of course add plants and trees. You can create pathways with small fencing plants and lead your visitors to the attraction spot of your garden. Whatever plants you plant should be in perfect harmony.

Perfect Lighting

This is an important aspect that should be in consideration for all kinds of gardens; since Zen gardens are feature specific you need to use the lights wisely. Light and shadow give a perfect calming effect during the night time in a Zen garden. Use covered lights or lanterns for corners or to emphasize items like statues etc.

Use Water Features

Usually Zen gardens are on dry concept, but all are not dry. You can create Zen gardens near ponds and other water features. Since water provides positive energy, thus the addition would surely spruce up the look of the garden. Apart from water features, you can also add bridges, wooden benches, or a pagoda.

Create the Desktop Zen Garden

This is the original idea of Zen gardens and most people use it in their work area. Desktop Zen gardens can be created on a small space within your work space area. The mold area will be really small and rake it well; place some pebbles and some small Zen features to it.