How to Make a Meditation Garden?

make a meditation garden

Meditation needs peace of mind; and where can you get it better than in the lap of nature? A meditation garden is made as a place of retreat, where you can meditate with a relaxed and soothed mind and soul.

Garden itself is an ideal place for unwinding the stress of a hectic and busy day; and when you make it appropriate for your meditation sessions – it’s truly something to boast! A meditation garden will be evoking the essence of calmness and solitude. Here are the ways that explain how to make a meditation garden –

make a meditation gardenDecide how you Want it

Firstly, imagine how a restful garden looks like to you and then decide the parameters to creating a meditation garden. Remember it will be completely your personal garden for relaxation thus the inputs should be everything that keeps you calm, peaceful and soothed. You can remember all the memories that keep you happy and translate them into practical ideas. The understanding of a peaceful environment differs from person to person; therefore think hard and realize what would be the perfect realm for you to relax – a benched woody garden or a blossoming flowery garden. However, don’t go for wildest dreams as budget also needs a consideration.

Doing the Basic Homework

While making a meditation garden; you will need to consider a number of points that are not only essential but also prime decisive factors.

  • Check out the space available for making this meditation garden. If you live alone, a small compact area would be enough, but if more people will be using the garden then look for an extensive plan.
  • The serenity of the garden should not be disturbed by noise; thus the garden should be away from the roads used by vehicles.
  • Draw a plan and decide how you would be keeping the plants and pots, in rows, or in a cluster, beside the bench, if you will use hedgerows, large palms, fencing etc.
  • Check how the ground is – if it is flat, sloped, grainy, hilly or grassy as you need to work on this as well to create a sense of comfort while walking in the garden.
  • Next comes the view of the garden; since your purpose is to do meditation there, the view has to be exceptionally soothing and peaceful. It can be the horizon, of the line of trees, a bushy heap of rose flowers or a green bamboo hedge – all of these brings a tranquil state of mind.

Foreign Inspirations

Meditation garden has been long into consideration in various countries and you can easily draw inspiration and ideas from them while you build one for your own. Firstly, you do the research over Internet and see the images of different meditation garden and watch out for a suitable one that your one can resemble.

Look for Japanese meditation gardens that include Zen elements, gravel and geometric patterns, Japanese maple tree and cherry blossom. While the Chinese meditation garden has a fish pond as compulsion, little pagodas, hanging trees, small bridges, and natural stone sculpture.

USA desert garden is also known popularly for meditation and it defines a simple surrounding with cacti, shady trees, and water hardy plants. The traditional English garden would however be all about greenery enveloped in bricked walls.

Start making the plan systematically; gather the items or elements that you wish to incorporate in the garden. Start planning with a pen and paper and keep updating it with every step of your advancement. Include sanctuary items that are always a visual treat – pergolas, greenhouses, loggia, tree lined avenues, arched leafy entrances etc.

A courtyard adjacent to the garden and a small fountain would be an absolute classical touch. Make sure you keep in mind about the surface where you would sit for meditation. It should not be too hot, or too cold; make it water resistant so that your meditation hours are not hampered due to the rains.