The Japanese Garden Is A Masterpiece Of Balance


People are fascinated by the concept of Japanese garden for many centuries ever since this gardening style has been imported from the land of the Rising Sun.

The truth is that there is more than one Japanese garden and before creating one for yourself you should know about all of them. There is an inner court garden, a Zen garden, a tea garden, a garden for walking and the borrowed scenery. So you can pick one or take a bit from each of them.

How do you turn your garden into a Japanese one?

Some artistically cut trees, a small fountain[garden fountain] and some interesting rocks are enough to give a Japanese touch.

Still if you dare to create a Zen garden keep in mind that in this type of garden the water gets lost between the pebbles and the minerals and asymmetry play visual games.

A Japanese garden is built on several key concepts: on the ground there is moss and not grass, the elements are placed so however small a place is, it will look larger; the plants are positioned so they will guard a path and the balance of natural elements is created even by a very creatively design.

Keep in mind that each plant has a special significance in the vegetal Japanese garden and the balance is achievable by specific combinations.

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