The Rich English Garden Vs The Romantic Mediterranean Garden


The spring is usually the season when every gardener, professional or amateur takes the challenge of creating the dream garden he or she wants. Still, before the warm season installs it is a good idea to plan the arrangement and the garden design.

The movies and the books we are fond of, describe in detail beautiful gardens in which the vegetation is ruling with an amazing display of order and style and of course all of us dream of owing exactly this type of garden.

So if you are in search of an idea, the English garden design is a very special one and perhaps one of the most popular garden patterns in the world.

The English garden can be described as an eclectic mix of styles. The feeling of abundance is the predominant element that fits exactly the character of this type of garden and it is common both in the simple gardens and in the complex ones that have as characteristic an abundance of trees, bushes and flowers.

The aspect of abundance and complex wealth is actually the very essence of the English garden and it is created through shrubs, perennials, aromatic plants, wild flowers and sophisticated species of blooming plants.

The garden cabin is a favorite of the English style gardening and usually such a garden is built around a turret while the alleys are so displayed that their colorful paths are giving a warm welcome to whoever is coming to visit it.

If you have a romantic nature and you feel like transmitting it through your garden you can choose the Mediterranean garden style. So common in Greece, Italy and Turkey the beauty of the Mediterranean gardens surprises through elegance and simplicity.

A Mediterranean garden is a combination of the architectural garden elements from the old Europe and plants familiar to the Mediterranean climate, defined by straight or circular lines and focus points.

The plots are planted with rosemary, oregano or thyme alternate with orchards filled with organized trees, planted at equal distances from each other so they can fully develop and grow.

The paths paved with stone and the garden trellises with climbing wines with grapes or roses are key elements in the Mediterranean garden.

Lavender and oleanders, basil and peppermint are a common presence in the Mediterranean garden repertoire and there is no wonder why this type of garden is the favorite of the ones fond of both beauty and functionality.

Photo Credit: spakattacks