Unique Home Garden Designs For Your Inspiration!


Whether you’re designing a new garden or want to revamp an old one, gardening projects require a lot of planning. Adding comfortable garden furniture will help you relax in style.

If you want your garden to be a horticultural haven, use calm and subtle colors in all aspects of your garden. Pastel shades work best, particularly when planted in ‘drifts’ of colour.

Don’t be afraid to have a go at making your own garden ornaments. Something as simple as a sundial or a birdbath can add the personal touch to your garden. Try your local salvage yard for interesting materials.

If you need inspiration for garden designs; have a look at these designs. The right landscaping ideas and container gardening combinations can make your backyard an inviting retreat.

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Most Famous Gardeners Across the World

Urban Basement Garden

Urban basement garden

Sogo Garden

(Designer: Lizzie Taylor & Dawn Issac)

sogo garden

Float Garden

(Designer: by Jack Merlo)

float garden

Cocoon Garden

(Designer: by Jack Merlo)

cocoon garden

Moss Garden

(Designer: by Jack Merlo)

moss garden

Roof Garden

roof garden

roof garden

Design From Auckland Botanical Gardens

Auckland Botanical Garden

Auckland Botanical Gardens

Blue Stick Garden

Blue Stick Garden

Mediterranean-style courtyard

mediterranean style garden

Garden Designs From Chelsea Flower Shows

(Designer: Andy Sturgeon)

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

chelsea gardens

Chelsea Flower Show 2007

Chelsea Flower Show 2005

Chelsea Flower Show 2006

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