Urban Gardening – Make It Circular


Urban gardening is surely a growing trend and if the space is available for creating a garden why not make a circular one.

Circular gardens are not a new concept and are all about display. They can be the most creative combination of vegetables and flowers and most of them can actually be more productive, especially because of their circular shape.

circular garden

For example in the center of a circular garden you can place a garden fountain and around that, a flower garden circle.

You should know that there are many species of flowers that act as pest guardians of the vegetables, so as an extra to adding color and scent to your garden, you can also get pest control.

Display the garden beds in pie slices shape or make concentric circles but make sure you leave paths between the garden beds.

Alternate vegetables beds with herbs beds. If you need to separate the areas of the garden, use poles and allow climbing flower plants like morning glory to climb on them.

Make sure you leave enough room for vegetables to grow and do not cram too many plants on a plot. Put no more than 2 different vegetables in one plot and make sure those two are “relatives”.

Focus on both functionality and aspect and you will have a beautiful garden.

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