5 Weirdest Gardens in the World that will Blow your Mind

Five weirdest gardens in the world that will blow your mind
Garden is a relaxing getaway. It does not matter whether the garden is extensive, simple, elegant or filled with all kinds of flowers; all you want is to find a place to sit down and gaze at the wondrous beauties around. That is why we often dream of having a beautiful garden at our house.

Well, we all have our own understanding on gardens, but there are gardens in the world that seem unfathomable and in this article, we are going to talk about such gardens.

Five weirdest gardens in the world that will blow your mind

Here are five incredible gardens across the world that you should definitely check out:

1. Gardens of Versailles, France

France is home to rich gardens, but none is as exquisite as Gardens of Versailles.
The Gardens of Versailles were created by Andre Le Notre for Louis XIV and still stands the test of time as one of the most famous gardens in the world.
The gardens cover about 2000 acres of land area and bloom with pretty flower beds, carefully manicured lawns, incredible sculptures and magnificent fountains.
While Gardens of Versailles is a symbol of beauty, they are very difficult to maintain because of their huge size and want of water supply.

2. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

The name in itself speaks volumes about the richness and mysteriously relaxing environment this garden has to offer.
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is as unique as it sounds—its founders, Charles Jencks and Maggie Keswick, were inspired by the enigmatic combination of maths and science and incorporated the same into the design of the garden.
The garden focuses on shapes, thought-stirring designs, and sculptures. What makes this garden more interesting is the fact it opens for a public visit only on one day so if you are planning to visit the garden, plan way ahead.

3. Yuyuan Garden, China

One of the oldest gardens surviving today, Yuyuan Garden brims with Chinese history and culture. It is characterized by traditional stone and rock areas, sacred water features, dragon sculptures, and whatnot.
Covering only five acres of land, this small garden is among the beautiful places on earth. Among many things it has to offer, the Grand Rockery is the most breath-taking one where you can spend your entire day without even feeling the passage of time.
If you ever plan a trip to China, do not skip Yuyuan!

4. Butchart Gardens, Canada

The Butchart Gardens are among the most scenic places in Canada. These gardens feature a myriad of bold and bright colours, bursting fountains, sculptures, tropical birds and statutes.
The most iconic aspect of this garden is that everything has been arranged and taken care of with great precision, and as you walk through the gardens, you will be struck by a strong sensation of heavenly transcendence.

5. Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

If it isn’t the Netherlands, then we wonder which country can rule the world of gardens.
Keukenhof Gardens are the best among the best gardens in the world. They feature marvelous floral displays, planted with great precision. A number of tulips planted in the garden are special hybrids that are peculiar to the Keukenhof Gardens.