Aluminium Garden Furniture – Care and Maintenance

aluminium garden furniture

When it comes to aluminium garden furniture, there is not much work involved as far as its care and maintenance is concerned. However, it is really important that you opt for cast aluminium furniture as that does not rust. It however, undergoes oxidation and that changes the colour of the furniture. If you want to prevent the change in colour, it is better if you cover the furniture when not it use or consider keeping them under a shed during winters. Cast aluminium furniture is very light and so it would be really easy for you to carry them around.

aluminium garden furniture

Here are some tips that would help you to maintain your patio furniture for a very long time:

Cleaning the Furniture –

Frequent cleaning is required for garden furniture for they mostly stay outside. Dirt and dust are primarily responsible for any kind of corrosion in garden furniture and thus, it is important that you prevent dirt accumulation.

In order to clean your garden furniture, remove all accessories like cushions etc. from the furniture. Cushions need to be cleaned as well but the cleaning process involved is different and you would need to give separate attention to your furniture accessories.

  • Make use of a garden hose to get rid of the largest dirt pieces from your furniture. It is best to avoid using a pressure washer on a garden hose nozzle. Too strong a water stream can damage the finish of your furniture and make it look unattractive.
  • Now take a bucket of soapy water made with water and mild dish detergent. Use a soft brush and soft cloth to wipe through the furniture and make sure to remove leftover sediment.
  • Pay more attention to the underside of the furniture and the joints and clean them carefully.

Get Rid of Scuffs –

  • Make use of a garden hose again to remove any cleanser or dirt residue on your furniture and rinse the furniture thoroughly.
  • Make sure to check the joints, nooks and corners to ensure that the furniture is cleaned properly and perfectly.

Protection –

For maintaining the shine and gloss of your furniture, you can use car wax or baby oil and polish your furniture. If there are scratches, do not ignore them; cover them with touch up paints instead.

Thus, taking care of your aluminium garden furniture is quite easy but it is important that you clean it regularly.