Garden Furniture- Make Wise Selection to have Some Amazing Relaxing Time


Can you image your home and outdoors without having any furniture? Definitely not, no matter however interesting, well planned or stylish your interiors are, the look is incomplete without appropriate furniture pieces. Though there are some pieces that add style and luxury to your home, but the fact cannot be denied that there are certain furniture pieces which are a necessity and needed for day to day use.

There is large population of people across the globe which is fond of having a peaceful and relaxing outdoor space like a garden or a patio where they can either simply sit back with their favorite novel or have a healthy conversation with their loved ones. If you are also one among this category who is planning to have an interesting outdoor space then do not neglect the importance of outdoor furniture.

No matter how much planning or effort you put into designing or looks of your garden, but f it does not have appropriate and comfortable furniture, the entire purpose will be void. Undoubtedly durability is the major factor while deciding outdoor furniture but do not compromise on looks at its cost because interesting furniture will not only add to the beauty of your garden but will also make you proud in front of your best buddies.

Though there are many companies who are known for manufacturing good quality garden furniture but if you are looking for something different and stunning then BoConcept furniture pieces will just be a perfect choice for you. BoConcept has around 270 stores across 60 countries in the world and is one of the largest global retail chain of furniture in Denmark.

Operating for more than 60 years, the company is known for its stylish and functional pieces of furniture that are ideal for present day homes. Undoubtedly, the company is known for its stunning pieces of furniture but another thing which grabs the attention of the people is its interesting advertisement campaigns.

The latest ad video by the company is named” The Guest” and it features the award winning actor Mads Mikkelsen along with Dejan Cuki. This latest film is a sequel to the earlier launched “The Call” which was also a hit of its time. The ad film has an interesting concept where Mads Mikkelsen is shown to be in love with his BoConcept furniture and he is showing its various features to his friend Dejan Cuki. The film is shot in light mood and has humor to it. The film shows various furniture pieces of BoConcept like Madison motion sofa, Chiva functional coffee table and Milano dining table.

Though there are many pieces of furniture available in BoConcept that will add style, elegance and comfort to your garden area but one piece that stands apart from all is its Madison motion sofa. Just imagine yourself surrounded by beauty of nature and relaxing on your sofa that is capable of different motions. You are definitely going to love this feeling. The Madison motion sofa from BoConcept measures H82/103xW220xD107/159cm and features vanilla white Estoril leather.

If you wish to have a look at this interesting sofa and other pieces just have a look at the latest ad film by Bo Concept- “The Guest”.