Getting the Garden Comfy for Summer


With spring right on the horizon and summer fast approaching it’s time to take stock of outdoor living arrangements and have a thorough garden furniture appraisal.

It’s all very well having a beautifully cultured lawn and flower beds, but after doing all that hard work it’s imperative that there’s a comfy perch on which to position yourself. Alongside every other garden product in the shed, garden furniture needs an annual MOT.

Wooden garden furniture should be brushed down, sanded where needed and oiled – if chairs look too far gone, recycle as firewood and reinvest. Any canvas covers should also be safety checked – if they’ve been left out in the elements they’ll be vulnerable to rotting, and falling through a deck chair on to the hard paving is neither the sedate nor dignified manner in which to enjoy the fruits of your garden labour.

Wooden frames again should be oiled, whilst the canvas should be washed to remove any mould – if the canvas looks very worn, simply invest in new covers.

Hammocks and swinging chairs – or anything that swings on metal appendages, will need a good oil – there’s nothing worse that the squeak of metal fixtures to ruin a moment of relaxation.

Metal patio furniture, which stands out all year long, shouldn’t be over looked – check for rust spots, sand and treat where needed. Get the hose out and wash the entire set down, using a churn brush to knock off any detritus from the elements and wildlife.

Sun umbrellas and awnings will need a good wash down – don’t try to stuff it into the washing machine, again get out the hose, some detergent and use a stiff broom or brush to scrub off any moss, mould or staining – allow to dry in the sun.

If you haven’t invested in a firepit or chiminea, write it down and underline it on the consideration list – these things are great additions to any outdoor living scenario and cost very little.

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