Guidebook on Buying Garden Furniture Online

buying garden furniture online

Online shopping has become a rave these days and people are buying every possible thing available in the websites – yes, even as huge as furniture! However when you buy furniture from online stores, you need to follow some caution as you will not be able to inspect them physically while you place the order.

Garden furniture is one of the hot buys these days as the online stores offer you multitude of designs and styles that are usually not available at the local carpenter’s shop. Furniture is an integral part of any home and since it is one time investment, you should be very careful and thoughtful. Here are few pointers that should be looked for when you are buying garden furniture online –

buying garden furniture onlineBuy from Branded Websites

Although the online stores have gained immense popularity these days even with furniture; there are some specific ones that genuinely sell the branded and real material. Trust those brands and check the availability there first. If you do not get the one you need; look into the other stores but make sure you are buying from a known name.

Choose the Durable Ones

When you are buying garden furniture make sure it is durable and can withstand the weather conditions. Check the features that are mentioned beside the item and match it with your requirements. If your garden does not have any shade and the furniture will be under the open sky, you will need extra polishing or weatherproof features to use it lifelong.

You can opt for the wood, plastic or metal ones; but always choose the treated varieties that will repel the weather elements. Teak wood repels water, galvanized metal makes it rust proof, plastic materials don’t get affected by rain but can get decolorized due to excessive sun (keep it in shade when not in use) – remember these points and go ahead.

Research about the Material

When you are buying the garden furniture online, be very careful that they are offering you the genuine material. Since you cannot do a physical check, talk to the store people to provide warranty papers with the item. The material will tell you about the longevity and durability.

Aluminum furniture for outdoors can be bought as they are moderately durable; iron is extraordinarily durable and can be treated to prevent corrosion; soft wood pines are less durable that other type of woods; mahogany stays strong and stable for long and retains the rich red color; teak wood is best for outdoor furniture as it is rot resistant; rattan if tightly woven lasts for a long time and plastic is moderately durable as it is susceptible to pitting and weakening.

Verify Facts

Since you will be looking into the designs from your computer you will have to be very careful about viewing each and every part of it. The thickness, size and height should be clarified well before you place the order. You can talk to the customer care executives to verify the measurements and design details that are given in the website. Prefer the furniture pieces that use wooden dowels and pegs instead of glue or staples.

Compare Price

Wooden furniture have varied price tags due to the obvious reason of “quality”. However, before placing the final order do give a check on the price quoted by other websites. If you find a large difference in the quotes, try to evaluate the reason and then decide.

If you plan to change your outdoor furniture set every 10 years then, investing a huge amount would not be wise and if you are doing it as one time investment, its better you go for quality than price. You can also avail discounts and profitable deals if you buy during festive seasons or on SALE.