Teak Garden Benches – From Buying Them to Maintaining Their Beauty

Teak garden benches are the perfect choice for outdoor furniture. They blend beautifully with the natural outdoor environment and look perfect among a natural setting. The garden benches made of teak wood look lovely as stand alone outdoor furniture and are cozy indoor highlight pieces with a few colorful cushions thrown on them.

Teak is traditionally used for furniture in the Southeast Asia as it boasts of huge teak forests. Teak is now grown in plantation settings in countries like Indonesia and the teak tree is considered as a vital part of the economy, so much so that a sapling replaces each fallen teak tree immediately.

What to look for when buying teak garden benches?

Teak Garden BenchesWhen looking for teak garden benches, make sure that the furniture is made of true hardwood. The smart choice would be to buy from an authenticated source and also enquire if the teak bench for garden is made from kiln dried lumber.

Kiln dried hardwood is the strongest and best quality one can ask for. True teak garden furniture will not warp overtime and will stand the test of time with pride and beauty.

One can look for prefabricated teak furniture or even decide to build or assemble them from hardwood pieces. Material for each can be easily sourced, but the quality of timber should never be compromised with for the work of good manufacturer is the best bet.

How to maintain benches made of teak wood?

Garden style teak benches can take a lot of abuse and still be the pride of the garden. They require minimum care to keep looking beautiful after decades of use and one can buy either a bench that has been oiled using teak oil or one that is fine sanded. Fine sanded teak furniture retains its natural beauty and is a sensual yellow-brown olive in color when new.

Age and colors of sanded garden teak benches

Fine sanded teak benches will weather differently in different surroundings. A teak bench placed indoor will slowly turn brown with time. This is because it is not exposed to natural sunlight. This may take anywhere from 6 months to a year. On the other hand teak garden benches placed outdoors, will be exposed to natural sunlight that gradually bleaches the wood of its natural color.

With time, the garden benches made of teak wood will take on a soft silver gray look. This natural silver grey patina imparts a distinctive look to teak furniture.

This naturally bleached furniture looks beautiful amongst a natural setting and has an easy maintenance schedule, which requires nothing to be done. It cannot get better than this.

Maintenance and care for oiled teak benches

Oiled teak furniture needs a little maintenance to retain its darker color. The furniture used teak oil, and looks darker brown in color and has a special shine compared to the non-oiled teak pieces. Teak oil does nothing to increase the life of the furniture; it does however prevent seepage of spill stains into the natural wood grain, to some degree.

The furniture needs to be periodically re-oiled to maintain the look. This is easily done at home with the help of teak oil and a clean brush. After ensuring that the furniture is clean, apply a thin coat of the oil on it. As the oil dries rub it down with a clean cotton rag. Teak garden benches last a lifetime and need bare minimum maintenance. They are among the best investments for outdoor landscaping.

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